12. 7. –⁠ 23. 7. 2021

Improving English through practical training


Age: 10–⁠14

A program for middle schoolers that includes interactive English lessons, sports and excursions to interesting places. There will be significant focus on the improvement of students’ English skills, as well as social experiences and new friendships.

Price (including VAT): 550 EUR

Age: 15–⁠18

A great option for high school students who want to improve their English while experiencing a summer full of activities. During the two-week course, which will see students communicate with classmates and teachers exclusively in English, they will gain a lot of experience and skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in later studies and exams.

Price (including VAT): 550 EUR

Summer School Program*

Want to improve your English through fun activities and projects during the summer? Just choose a program and log in via the registration form! Summer School days start at 9:00 and end at 16:30. The price of the program includes all activities, lunches, refreshments and admission costs on field trips.







Introduction, Ice-Breakers, Learning English through Films

Learning English through History

Learning English through Art & Music

Learning English through Literature

Learning English through Sports


Visit the cinema

Visit the Bratislava Castle

Visit the National Gallery

Visit theater/library

Outdoor games at Železná studienka







Learning English through Magic & Mystery

Learning English through travel and public transport

Learning English through Science and Technology

Learning English through Culture and Food

Learning English through Nature studies


Escape Room


Visit the Aurelium Science Adventure Center

Visit The Candy Factory

Visit the Natural History Museum

*The Summer School program is subject to change.

Why choose our Summer School?

An individualized approach

We care about our students! We are here for them, both professionally and personally.

Interactive teaching

Our lessons are not boring! Students learn by doing instead of studying theory.

The program is taught completely in English

This immersion allows communication skills to improve quickly and naturally.

Any questions you need answered before you're ready to apply? Contact us at study@americanacademy.com. In the subject line, please write 'Summer School Bratislava'. Applications for American Academy Summer School must be submitted no later than the 5th of July 2021.

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